Activate your campaign

Depending on your selected Saas- Plan, you have a fix contingent of activated campaigns. To provide you with the possibitly to work on more campaigns at the same time without having to worry about the amount of left campaigns, you have to activate the campaigns that should be run.

Campaigns that are not activated will display the banner below on top of each page. This banner will vanish as soon as the campaign is activated.

To activate a campaign, go to the "Campaign" menu inside the CrossMedia Designer, and click on "Activate campaign"

The "Activate campaign" dialog will open.

Here you can see the number of already activated campaigns, the total number of campaigns that could be activated by your account as well as the number of campaigns that are left to activate.
By clicking on "Activate" your campaign will be activated.

If your maximum number of activated campaigns is reached, the "View Account" dialog is opened instead.

This dialog is telling you, that you don't have any campaigns for activations left.

In this case, you can order more campaigns by simply clicking on "View Account", or you will have to deactivate already activated campaigns.


By clicking on "View Account", a new browser window will open that shows your account details. In case you are not permanently logged in into the portal, the CrossMedia portal will ask you to provide your login credentials.

In case you are laready logged in, or you provided the correct information inside the login dialog, you will see an overview about your account settings and your account limits.

Here you can increase the number of campaigns that could be activated by using the Limit control inside the "Campaigns" section.

To save your account changes, type in your password and click on "Confirm"

After updating your account settings, it may take up to 5 minutes until they are taking effect.
Please note that you will have to restart your designer before you can activate new campaigns

(Don't forget to save your cahnges before)