Overview: Two new item types

With Version 6 of DirectSmile Crossmedia there come two new item types which will be introduced in the following sections. They are concepted to be completely im- and exportable - so they are the basis for an unlimited amounts of new items.


To add more dynamic content to your CrossMedia campaign we created the ScriptActions. These actions are tiny bites of JavaScript code which you can either create by yourself or simply use one of the predefined actions which come along with CrossMedia.

To take advantage of a ScriptAction you simply need to drag and drop it on an item in the DesignTree. Then the ScriptAction will react as it is configured - depending on its task there are several parameters to set (e.g. mouse cursor for a MouseOver effect) which will affect the final result.

Click on the button below to get to the detailed information page with instructions on how to create and edit your own ScriptActions.


Sometimes the option to use JavaScript is not enough to implement some kind of cool JavaScript API. By example lighthouse.js will need some custom HTML layout which could be done with jQuery but could be much more easier if there would be a customizable item... like the new ExtensionItem.

The ExtensionItem takes the advantages of the ScriptActions and combines them with customizable HTML content and a XML-based definition language for creating dynamic SubItems. With this technique you will be able to create new classes of groups which will allow only pre-defined subitems do minimize misconfiguration and allow to modify your cool new items just with drag & drop like you are used to in DirectSmile Crossmedia.  

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Examples & Downloads

Click the button below to get to the examples and download section where we will show some examples of the items - each of them is downloadable so you can use them in your own campaign.